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In business, the numbers are the story, but people tell it.

What I Do That Matters
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We help businesses and law firms understand and present their financial story to others.  

There are many financial experts who can do a great job developing the numbers, but simply can't explain them well. 

We add value by not only developing a sound financial analysis, but by using the numbers to convincingly explain the story to others.  

Franklind Lea, CIRA, MBA, MRE
President, Tactical Financial


My Philosphy


Although we understand all things are not simple, we believe in simplicity.  We have found the most eloquent explanation is often the simplest and most direct, and if someone can't explain something simply, they probably don't understand well enough.  In the end, the most impressive explanation is the one understood, and which generates a memorable emotional response.  


As Lee Iacocca, the famed automobile executive once said, "You can have the most brilliant ideas in the world, but if you can't get them across, they won't get you anywhere."  


In general, we can provide you with three types of things

  • to determine whether a proposed or existing investment, risk and financial return make sense

  • to determine if the actions were reasonable, if someone was damaged and by how much

  • understand the value of an business, financial instrument, real estate asset, or workout or restructuring plan

We can then provide this information to you or others verbally, in a written report or through expert testimony.  

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