Past Restructuring, Finance and Real Estate Experience



We have extensive experience dealing with troubled situations. 


Many distressed situations require a staggering amount of time and effort.  Information is usually scarce and often unreliable.  People’s positions and alliances are abandoned and created without warning.  In the world of a troubled business, there is no substitute for experience.  

Our extensive experience includes in– and out-of-court restructurings, foreclosures, debt for equity exchanges, lease to loan conversions, recapitalizations, workouts and complex bankruptcies.  We have also investigated and initiated litigation resulting in significant recoveries from loan defaults, fraudulent actions, preference claims, insurance claims, and actions against corporate boards.


As experienced restructuring professionals, we can provide you with various analyses and advice needed to determine the best course of action.  We can also assist with asset sales and the arrangement of DIP and exit financing, as well as litigation support and expert testimony.  We have also defended complex litigation. 


We routinely interact with attorneys throughout the nation on complex legal matters.

We are routinely called upon to speak at seminars or testify as an expert witness in bankruptcy feasibility, cramdown interest rates, and 1111b matters. 



We have an exceptional background in financing businesses and real estate ventures. 

These investments have been structured as both debt and equity; as term loans, DIP loans, construction loans, leases, lines of credit, letters of credit, participating mortgages, shared appreciation riders, IRR “look backs”, preferred and pari-passu equity positions, and straight equity investments. 

In their former positions, our principals have underwritten, structured, authorized, documented, negotiated and funded billions of dollars of capital to small, mid-market, and Fortune 500 companies — which gives us a significant advantage over other advisers — we think like the market participants because we have decades of experience being a market participant.  

Today, we act on our client’s behalf to support their capital needs by procuring funds to support their company’s operations, acquire assets, or other desired liquidity events.  


Real Estate


We have been intricately involved in billions of dollars worth of real estate. 

During this time, we have had the privilege of working with some of the world's finest real estate companies – from the AMLI REIT to CB Commercial to Club Corporation of America to Donald Trump.  

Our real world real estate experience is extremely diverse.  We have acted in nearly every capacity imaginable including appraiser, advisor, broker, developer, buyer, seller, workout professional, lender and equity investor.  

These experiences have introduced us to a wide breadth of property types and real estate based businesses.  Our engagements have been equally diverse and include raw land, home builders, residential subdivisions, hotels, golf courses, high-rise condominiums, skyscrapers, marinas, timeshares, office buildings, and luxury resorts, to name a few.  As part of this experience, we have written or read hundreds of expert opinions and analyses regarding the physical, legal, and environmental aspects of these properties.  

We understand all facets of real estate: acquisitions, construction, development, sales and marketing, brokerage, and finance and have developed extensive expertise in most types of commercial and residential real estate, leisure and hospitality oriented businesses.