History makes the difference

We help businesses with structuring or restructuring financial issues, often times involving commercial real estate.  We also provide litigation support and expert witness testimony in these areas.   Our business is owned and run by Franklind Lea.  Franklind began his career as a commercial banker, having the fortune of working for one of the top banks in Florida in 1987.  Having earned a bachelor degree in management and an MBA with an emphasis in finance, coupled with a natural curiosity of wanting to understand how things work and an inclination toward continual improvement he advanced quickly within the bank from a commercial analyst to a commercial lender to running the bank's Panhandle Commercial Credit Department. 


Four years later, after developing a passion for commercial real estate he left the bank and returned to college to earn another master's degree, this time in real estate valuation and urban analysis.  After completing the degree in 1994 along with all the required coursework for the MAI designation and two internships appraising commercial real estate he settled into a career for a national real estate appraisal firm.  These experiences allowed him to develop an appreciation for the differences in the economics of various property types and locations.  


Not long after beginning his career as commercial real estate appraiser he called upon Textron Financial Corporation to sell appraisal work to its specialty lending division which was primarily focused on golf course, marina and related residential subdivision lending. 


After five years of underwriting, negotiating and closing hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial real estate loans one of his clients who was developing a residential and golf course community in Naples, Florida was sued by a renegade environmental group who claimed that the property developer had violated the county's noticing act for zoning changes.  Ultimately, the developer filed for bankruptcy, after which Franklind began a daily management of the workout process.  One year and 110 court hearings later in what was to become the largest bankruptcy in southwest Florida, the case culminated with a successful reorganization of the developer, all funds repaid to Textron and the court ruling that environmental group had filed fraudulent affidavits regarding its lack of notice.  


Shortly thereafter, Textron Financial asked Franklind to formalize its workout process by creating an internal workout group to work across all of its lending divisions and for occasional support to its affiliate manufacturing companies.  This included aircraft, equipment finance, general commercial lending, golf courses, media, real estate and timeshare.  In late 2005, after 11 years with Textron, Franklind formed Tactical Financial Corporation to serve the needs of creditors and debtors in the litigation, restructuring and workout environment as well as other businesses with traditional business and real estate consulting.  


During the initial years of Tactical Financial the company benefitted from the country's robust economy and routinely helped developers and business improve their operations and finances.  As the Great Recession developed times changed and so did our business.  We have become more focused on helping litigants represent their interests and resolve their differences as well as increasing our role in insolvent companies which resulted in our representation of distressed borrowers, lenders, equity holders and court approved committees.  We also began to undertake subject matter expert assignments resulting in our providing testimony to several courts around the country.