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Tactical Financial provides consulting, litigation support and expert witness testimony. We specialize in structuring investments and real estate, and restructuring distressed operating companies, investments and real estate. We routinely provide expert testimony in bankruptcy chapter 11 cases related to cramdown interest rates, plan feasibility and other financial matters.

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Pinegate Associates, Ltd.

Although Pinegate Associates, Ltd., 1976 U.S. Dist LEXIS 17366, 2 BCD 1478 (N.D. Ga. 1976) was decided under the Bankruptcy Act of 1898. However, it is an important case because the result – satisfaction of a non-recourse mortgagee’s secured claim with a small payment as a result of depressed real estate values and no deficiency claim for that mortgagee – led Congress to include section 1111(b) in the Bankruptcy Code.

Pinegate Associates, Ltd. Cases Where the 1111(b)(2) Election Was Made or Litigated

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