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Operating Companies, Financial Investments, Loans and Real Estate


Tactical Financial provides consulting, litigation support and expert witness testimony. We specialize in structuring investments and real estate, and restructuring distressed operating companies, investments and real estate. We routinely provide expert testimony in bankruptcy chapter 11 cases related to cramdown interest rates, plan feasibility and other financial matters.

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We Have Decades of Experience Being Market Participants

Real World Financial Experience  

We have loaned and borrowed, structured and restructured, bought and sold, initiated litigation and defended litigation, and determined value. We have become experts at evaluating, structuring and resolving most complex financial situations. 
We Know Value  

At the heart of every assignment is value: our significant experience and constant interaction with market participants allows us to understand their view of value of in today’s market.  We can structure transactions in a way to maximize value.

We Offer A Different Perspective ...

We Think Like Market Participants

We can provide advanced analysis and advice to assist you in making the right decisions and help with negotiations.