What We Do

We provide consulting services for business restructuring issues, commercial finance, and real estate.

​​We also provide litigation support and expert witness testimony in these areas. 

These situations generally involve assets valued between $2 million and $300 million.  

​Our Clients

Our clients are debtors, creditors, guarantors, investors and law firms generally associated with lower to middle market companies or wealthy individuals. 

​We also advise those looking to purchase or invest in distressed situations.  

Our Consultants

Our consultants have held many senior positions in small and large companies and hold over 150 years of experience.

We are also recognized specialists; holding many advanced degrees and certifications.

Contact us at (770) 573-9366 to see if we can help you. 


Tactical Financial provides consulting, litigation support and expert witness testimony.  We specialize in structuring investments and real estate, and restructuring distressed operating companies, investments and real estate. We routinely provide expert testimony in bankruptcy chapter 11 cases related to cramdown interest rates, plan feasibility and other financial matters.